Greg Thompson, Part 1

Greg Thompson PhotoAdoption can be the most challenging and most rewarding work. Listen to this couple tell of their struggles in raising a baby born to drug addicts.

Greg Thompson, President,
Markel Specialty Insurance Company.

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Alfred Langer

Al Langer PhotoOvercome–A New Beginning. Don’t miss this interview with a man who lost everything but gained back more than he could have hoped for.   

Alfred Langer, Author, A New Beginning.

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Chris Chmielewski

Chris Chmielewski PhotoOvercome Adversities. Hear some good advice from a guy who overcame the adversities of aging out of foster care to live his dream as a magazine publisher. 

Chris Chmielewski, Editor,
Foster Focus Magazine

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Stephen Felter

Steve Felter Photo“Future Maker.” Hear how this man went from foster care to “future-maker,” helping adjudicated kids mold successful lives for the future.

Stephen Felter, Supervisor
at Brown County Shelter Care.

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Dr. William C. Bell

William Bell PhotoHear Dr. William C. Bell, President and CEO of Casey Family Programs, discuss his strategy for America’s Children. 

Dr. William C. Bell, President & CEO,
Casey Family Programs

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Jimmy Wayne

Jimmy Wayne photo3Jimmy Wayne recently walked from Nashville  to Phoenix living as a homeless person WHILE ON TOUR. He tells about it to help raise awareness of the plight of the homeless. Listen in and be inspired!

Jimmy Wayne,
Country Western Singer/Songwriter

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Lacy Kendrick Burk

Lacey Kendrick Burk PhotoLacy went from foster care to the founder of Youth MOVE National, an organization that exists to promote youth voice by using her own voice!

Lacy Kendrick Burke, Executive Director
Youth M.O.V.E. National and
National Voice Awards Recipient

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Erin Runnion

Erin Runnion photoAfter the brutal murder of her joyful daughter, Samantha, Erin Runnion turned her pain into a plan to empower and protect kids—tune in to hear HOW.

Erin Runnion, Founder
The Joyful Child Foundation

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Karen Albert & Annette Lilly

Karen Albert PhotoListen to how this mentor and mentee enriched
each other’s lives

Karen Albert, President & Founder
Behind Your Curtain

Annette Lilly PhotoAnnette Lilly, Admissions Director
Florida College of Integrative Medicine


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Danielle Gletow

Danielle Gletow PhotoOne Simple Wish. Want to make a difference and KNOW that you have? Tune in to hear how to do that with Danielle Gletow.

Danielle Gletow, Founder
One Simple Wish

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