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Lacy Kendrick Burk

Lacy went from foster care to the founder of Youth MOVE National, an organization that exists to promote youth voice by using her own voice! Lacy Kendrick Burke, Executive Director Youth M.O.V.E. National and National Voice Awards Recipient

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Rhonda Sciortino

You too CAN succeed!  Hear Rhonda talk about what it means to succeed, not just despite what you’ve been through, but specifically because of it. Rhonda Sciortino, Author and Child Advocate.

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Annette Jordan

Listen to this foster child who turned video producer! Annette Jordan, Marketing Consultant.

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Girl Up USA

Girl Up USA.  Hear about the GIRL UP attitude, lifestyle, and movement. Dr. Crystal Van Kempen McClanahan, high school principal; Jody Van Kempen, former pro body-builder; Jenny Christiansen, high school teacher; Robin Van Kempen, pastor.

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