Help Kids…Here’s how

Your involvement can make all the difference in a child’s life.

There are many ways to help kids. There are one-time options, annually, monthly, weekly, or daily ways to get involved. Some ideas are:

  • Donate gift cards, clothes, books, or games to a a child caring organization near you
  • Volunteer yearly to organize a birthday party or to bake a birthday cake for the kids in a home near you
  • Volunteer monthly to mentor a kid or help out at the children’s home
  • Volunteer weekly to do a Bible study or a pizza party for foster kids

The most significant way to make a difference is to establish a relationship. Kids accept advice and correction from people they believe care about them. If you have the time to invest in the healing of a child, consider becoming

To find a child welfare organization in your area, go to Google or your preferred search engine and type in, “children’s home” or “foster family agency” and the name of your town, county, or state. Look at websites of organizations near you for ways you can help. If they don’t list specific needs, call them and ask how to help.In California, go to the California Alliance of Child and Family Services and search your county for an accredited child welfare organization.Different child welfare organizations will offer different volunteer opportunities depending on the kids served. Don’t be discouraged if the first one you contact isn’t right for you or says they have no way for you to help. It could be that the kids they serve just aren’t ready. Please try the next one.

If you wish to check out a children’s home’s financial need before choosing which one to help, you can gather and evaluate information at

If you suspect that a child is being abused or neglected, please don’t turn your back and pretend it isn’t happening. Make an anonymous call if you aren’t comfortable giving your name. But let someone trained in evaluating these issues make a determination. Your phone call could save a child’s life.

Child Abuse Reporting Hotlines:

If you suspect that a child is being abused, please don’t turn your back and pretend it isn’t happening. Make an anonymous call if you aren’t comfortable giving your name. But let someone trained in evaluating these issues make a determination. Your phone call could save a child’s life.

Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4-A-CHILD

The following are state hotline numbers and websites for specific agencies designated to receive and investigate reports of suspected child abuse and neglect.
Alabama: (334) 242-9500 / website
Alaska: (800) 478-4444 / website
Arizona: (888) SOS-CHILD (888-767-2445) / website
Arkansas (800) 482-5964 / website
California Find hotlines for all 58 counties at this website
Colorado (303) 866-5932 / website
Connecticut (800) 624-5518 / (800) 842-2288 / website
Delaware (800) 624-5518 / website
District of Columbia (202) 671-SAFE (202-671-7233) / website
Florida (800) 96-ABUSE (800-9962-2873) / website
Georgia: call Childhelp® (800) 422-4453 / website
Hawaii: (808) 832-5300 / website
Idaho: (800) 926-2588 / website
Illinois: (800) 252-2873 / (217) 524-2606 / website
Indiana: (800) 800-5556 / website
Iowa: (800) 362-2178 / website
Kansas: (800) 922-5330 / website
Kentucky: (800) 752-6200 / website
Louisiana: call Childhelp® at (800) 422-4453 / website
Maine: (800) 963-9490 / (800) 452-1999 / website
Maryland: call Childhelp® at (800) 422-4453 / website
Massachusetts: (800) 792-5200 / website
Michigan: call Childhelp® at (800) 422-4453 / website
Minnesota: call Childhelp® at (800) 422-4453 / website
Mississippi: (800) 222-8000 / (601) 359-4991 / website
Missouri: (800) 392- 3738 / (573) 751-3448 / website
Montana: (866) 820-5437 / website
Nebraska: (800) 652-1999 / website
Nevada: (800) 992-5757 / website
New Hampshire: (800)894-5533 / (603) 271-6556 / website
New Jersey: (800) 835-5510 / (800) 835-5510 / (877) 652-2873 /website
New Mexico: (800) 797-3260 / (5050) 841-6100 / website
New York: TDD: (800) 369-2437 / (800) 342-3720 / (518) 474-8740 / website
North Carolina: call Childhelp® at (800) 422-4453 / website
North Dakota: call Childhelp® at (800) 422-4453 / website
Ohio: call Childhelp® at (800) 422-4453 / website
Oklahoma: (800) 522-3511 / website
Oregon: call Childhelp® at (800) 422-4453 / website
Pennsylvania: (800) 932-0313 / website
Rhode Island: (800) RI-CHILD (800-742-4453) / website
South Carolina: (803) 898-7318 / website
South Dakota: call Childhelp® (800) 422-4453 / website
Tennessee: (877) 237-0004 / website
Texas: (800) 252-5400 / website
Utah: (800) 678-9399 / website
Vermont: (800) 649 -5285 / website
Virginia: (800) 552-7096 / (804) 786-8536 / website
Washington: TTY: (800) 624-6186/ (866) END-HARM (866-363-4276) / After hours: (800) 562-5624 / website
West Virginia: (800) 352-6513 / website
Wisconsin: call Childhelp® (800) 422-4453 / website
Wyoming: call Childhelp® (800) 422-4453 / website

If you believe that any of the information listed here is incorrect or in need of updates, please contact us. Thank you.


Interested in hearing how your church can reach out and help disadvantaged kids and/or their families in your area? Click here to contact Rhonda for additional information.

For some of the best training for social workers, child care workers, and foster parents, check out Corky Kindsvater’s RELATIONSHIP IS EVERYTHING

If you’re a foster youth or foster alumni in need of support or wishing to connect to others who understand, check out Foster Care Alumni of America

If you’re a foster parent in need of support, contact The National Foster Parent Association You are not in this alone!

The costs of homeless services, entitlements, mental health services, health care, substance abuse treatment, juvenile detention and incarceration have been estimated at a staggering $24 billion annually. The intangible cost of lost productivity and criminal behavior is estimated at three times that amount!

So, your investment in your local child welfare organization can result in a measurable return on investment in the lives of the children helped, in your community, and in your sense of fulfillment that comes from helping touch the lives of hurting kids.

Do you have a resource to add to the list? Then Submit the organization here. Thank you.